Which bot to use for crypto trading

Pionex trading bots

A recommendation not financial advice

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Which bot to use for crypto trading? Pionex is one of many platforms you can use; it’s the one I choose and began this blog by discussing. If you want to sign up to Pionex, consider using my affiliate link, as this will help support this website and subsidise future content. If you’re going to visit Pionex under your own steam, you can also use my affiliate code when prompted; it is 7jHOyuX9. However, many other platforms exist, and I consider my current investigation of Pionex as a trial, not an endorsement.


I use the Pionex automated trading platform because it was one of three on a shortlist a trading friend suggested. I have no direct relationship with the company save the affiliate link, and I saw the platform’s benefits before I started this blog. I’m happy for users of this blog to share their experiences of alternative automated crypto trading bots in the comments sections below. However, this blog can take no responsibility for the reliability of the comments posted by third parties on this website.

Automated crypto trading is a complex field, I cannot begin to share what I have learned in the first two weeks of using automated trading bots here by way of an introduction. However there are two principles I’ll share with you if you up front if you are thinking about are thinking about making a start. Invest small amounts to start and learn how different bots work. I started by using Pionex’s free grid bot and experimented with it for a couple of weeks to get my head around the whole concept.


If you are thinking about a trading platform here are some things you need to consider. Pionex score quite highly in all of these areas but they may not be the best, I’d be interested in your experiences.

Pedigree: Who is running the platform and what is their background? How long has the platform been running?

Structures:  Who is underwriting the project? What are the operating licences like? What technology does the platform use, and what assurances do they provide?

Costs, Fees and Housekeeping: How much does the platform charge? How easy is it to access your profits or stop your automated trading? Is the platform suitable for your kind of investment profile?


Share your thoughts and improve our coverage by getting in touch or publishing your comments below.

Every investor starts with different levels of knowledge and expectations. So if I’m not giving the right amount of detail let me know so I can improve this coverage.

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