AI Crypto Trading

Where beginners learn about trading crypto currencies using artificial intelligence

Are crypto bots leading new investors to meaningful profits?

Interested in AI crypto trading and want to know more?

You’ve come to the right place if you are thinking about using AI or trading bots to support your investments in all things crypto. I am a relative newbie who has lost plenty of cash following the advice of ‘so called’ experts claiming to ‘understand the market’. I also made several basic errors which many of us do when we start out. As part of the process, I befriended an experienced trader who recommended trading bots to me. He gave me a crash course in the technology but advised me to start slowly and learn before investing any significant sums. This blog charts my progress.

This blog does not offer financial advice

After having had my fingers burned by following advice and tips from well-known experts in the field, I am suspicious of people who tell you how to ‘get rich quick’ by buying and selling crypto. Of course, there are incredible profits to be made, and I’ve shared in some. But the entire sector is very volatile, and there are risks just as well as opportunities. So I turned to AI bots to minimise loss exposure without sacrificing too much growth potential. Although bots are not magical money trees, they may be a smart way for beginners to make profits while learning about the market. However, if you make poor decisions or get unlucky, you can lose your cash, so my advice is always to do your research before investing. This blog will simply share what I find out, Take on board anything useful, and I’d be grateful if you tell us about your experiences.

Learning about crypto trading bots

If you think that a crypto trading bot is likely to be a simple way to making a fortune, I’d like to point out a few things. Firstly many investment platforms offer bot-based trading; they are not all equally reliable, well run, transparent or user friendly. Secondly, there are dozens of different bots available on most platforms; they vary in several ways and most need to be deployed in specific trading conditions to maximise their effectiveness. And thirdly, automated trading and AI trading are not necessarily the same thing. But do not be daunted by the challenge; if there were simply one bot that could do everything, big investment houses would have already squeezed the massive investment potential out of crypto, and they clearly haven’t. The point is that by spending a little time investigating how AI crypto trading bots work, you may acquire a valuable skill set that will boost your investments for many years to come.

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